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We Are India's Largest Online & Offline Learning Portal For 12Th Standard Children. We Cater To The Learning Needs Of School Students Of Class Xii Across Leading Educational Boards. We Realize That The Learning Needs Of Every Student Is Unique Based On His/Her Learning Style, Interests And His/Her Past Academic History, And Understanding This Is The Key To Making Every Student Successful.

At Edutel , We Believe That With Technology We Can Transcend Traditional Boundaries And Truly Enable Customized Self-Paced Learning. Our Experienced Team Of Educationists And Technologists Is Passionate About Changing The Statuesque And Challenging One Another Continuously To Provide A Seamless Product That Empowers Tomorrow's Leaders.

We Have Introduced Numerous Innovations In The Areas Of Content, Delivery Formats, Reports, Assessments, Gamification Techniques And Many More.Having Made A Huge Difference To The Lives Of Lakhs Of Students, It Will Be Our Constant Endeavor To Be A Worthy Partner In Their Quest For Excellence. Our Promise Remains The Same Thinking Of You.

After A Great Success Of Edutel Academy For Supporting Xii Std Children Through Online/Offline. After Xii, Students Will Enter Into College. But There Will Be Numerous Queries Arising To The Student And Parent. Like..

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